Home Movie Night Checklist

So, you’ve got the blankets spread out. Extra cushions are donning the sofa. Maybe you have a recliner or footstool prepped, too. The TV is on with your chosen DVD collection or streaming service at the ready. What’s left? Snacks, of course! My home movie night checklist gives you ample choice in balanced snack ideas – both shop bought and homemade. 

Check out my custom infographic which you can download at the end of the post for a visual summary, too. Let’s get to it.


Topped bread

Don’t get me wrong. I love potato chips/crisps. They make classic moreish snacks and a great savoury treat. But, they are so loud to eat. 

I mean, seriously. Aside from people talking through movies, loud eating has to be the most frustrating behaviour when you’re trying to watch a good film, right? This entire movie night checklist has been created with that in mind. 

If you know you can eat crisps quietly, by all means include them in your array of food. But, if you are having this movie night with someone you know for a fact can’t eat crunchy food quietly, consider my savoury alternative.

Whether you want to make your own bread for the occasion or prefer to grab yourself a delicious loaf from the local bakery – or bakery section of your favourite supermarket – bread is a great option for your movie night checklist.

My Narnia inspired tear and share bread is a massive winner for those looking to make their own to share. As are my Everything, Everywhere All at Once bagels.

If you’re after sweet bread for your movie night in, my Tangled brioche braid; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban chocolate honey loaf or my My Neighbor Totoro cinnamon character bread are the ones to reach for. Bread for multiple genres and for all the family!

Roll form, loaf form, baton form, pitta form. You choose the bread and then you choose what goes on it.

So long as it’s soft bread, you’ll avoid the annoying crunching coming from the loved one next to you on the sofa. 

Slice it and top it with your favourite cheese, fish, meat or veggies. Maybe you’re a pâté fan, or you love chopped tomatoes to soak up with your bread. My favourite is always olives or a garlic butter situation – either on their own with the bread or with a cheese of some kind. Beautiful.

Go wild with your toppings. Make a garlic bread by mixing melted butter and chopped garlic and adding it on. Why not use the bread as a pizza base? Spread with some tomato puree, mozzarella or burrata and a sprinkle of oregano. Stick them under the grill for a quick blast and you have yourself some very simple, very quick mini bread pizzas.


Seeing as I just talked about how to make mini bread pizzas, I figured it would make sense to make a classic pizza the next recommendation on this movie night checklist.

Some movie nights are sorted with some tasty snacks to chomp through. Some require something a little more substantial. Pizza is an excellent option for the latter. After all, if you’re going to do a movie night in, shouldn’t it be satisfying and fulfilling?

Whether you have a favourite pizza place that provides takeout or have a taste for a shop bought pizza, this classic treat of a meal can really make a movie night warm and comforting. Like a hug for your belly.

If the idea of making your own pizza before your movie night begins thrills you, look no further than my Home Alone inspired pizza recipe. A pizza dough from scratch that needs so little time to rise and bake that you can make it practically spontaneously. Plus, it’s fully customisable.

Dips galore

So far I’ve delved into some pretty filling suggestions in this movie night checklist. How about we consider something lighter, more refreshing and good for the gut? After all, balance is everything, friends.

Dips are a great addition to a movie night snack spread because they bring all sorts of flavours to the table. Literally. 

Chop yourself some fresh veggies like cucumber, carrots and bell peppers. Throw in some pitta bread if you’re going for this vibe, too. Lots of goodness to be mixed with some deliciously fresh dips, like an earthy hummus or creamy guacamole.

Tzatziki is an incredibly refreshing yoghurt-based Greek dip that goes perfectly with all sorts of vegetables.

It’s commonly found in grocery shops in the U.K., but if you’re looking for a recipe to make your own, this one by The Mediterranean Dish is just the ticket.

If tomato salsa is your thing, most supermarkets or convenience stores will stock it. But, this recipe by House of Yum is restaurant style and can provide that extra kick to your movie night. Customise it to your taste! That’s the great thing about making your own salsa – you can adapt the levels to cater to your own spice and flavour preferences.

I will also say that mango salsa is unreal. Especially if you love the sweet taste that a salsa can provide. A perfect summer snack that is easy to make yourself, especially when using recipes like this one by From My Bowl.


How could cookies not be a brilliant addition to this movie night checklist? Soft, sweet and gooey treats that are not only quiet to eat but are melt in the mouth delicious. 

As cookies come in varying textures and flavours, you have quite the decision when it comes to choosing your perfect ones. For example, Oreos and Maryland cookies are both delicious and more bite sized, but they are a little crunchier. 

Your local supermarket bakery may do smaller soft cookies that are thin and tasty. If you are in the right area or are U.S. based, your go to may be Chips Ahoy cookies. Which, by the way, I ate copious amounts of when I was living in Japan. SO TASTY.

But, if you prefer a cookie warm from the oven or freshly baked on the day by your own hand, then you will find my Percy Jackson and the Olympians NYC style cookies to be a legendary choice. Blue food colouring is optional, of course.

For even more indulgence, my Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse chocolate cookies are deliciously rich and so fun to make. Plus, they’re customisable. You can add white chocolate chunks if that’s your vibe. 

Ice Cream

The perfect dessert to follow a warm meal like pizza, no? If you have room for it, that is. Pizza and ice cream is a pretty classic evening-in combo, I’d say. 

Most of us will know that there are tons of choices when it comes to a supermarket’s ice cream section. The thing with shop bought ice cream, though, is the added chemicals a number of them contain to make them soft serve or stabilised. 

If you are within touching distance of an ice cream parlour, well, that’s exciting. Especially if they sell by the tub! 

But, if you are up for the super quick job of making your own ice cream (best done the night before your movie night in – or the morning of), look no further than my Living inspired knickerbocker glories. Whilst this is a specific recipe for a timeless sundae, the ice cream section is just straight up vanilla.

Use my Living inspired ice cream recipe as a base and customise it by adding your favourite chocolate bars cut up into chunks or your favourite sweets or berries sprinkled through it. Making your own ice cream doesn’t need to be a faff. There is no ice cream machine or churning process in sight with my recipe, which is inspired by those created by Jane’s Patisserie.


Hydration, hydration, hydration. So important! Even more so when you’re having a well earned night of treats, so don’t forget the liquid beverages, friends!

Alcohol can be a nice addition to a movie night, if you know it won’t make you fall asleep during the film, that is. But, there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks that can harmonise your movie night checklist.

For taste, pick your favourite fizzy drink. I highly recommend adding a splash of elderflower cordial to a lemon and lime soda. For something to go with the cookies, how about a hot milk tea or cold glass of your favourite milk? 

If making a savoury snack selection for your movie night, something packed with electrolytes is ideal.

Cow’s milk is full of electrolytes, as is coconut water. The latter is my favourite because I really feel the benefits of it, but also because I LOVE coconut. 

Milkshakes and bubble teas are also my top suggestions. Cor, I could really go for a bubble tea right about now… honeydew melon with boba. Yes, please. Plus, if you’re making your own ice cream, you could use a scoop or two of it as the base for an epic milkshake.


This movie night checklist wouldn’t be complete without a truly classic film viewing snack. Whether you like your popcorn sweet, salty, buttery or caramelised; this is a deliciously light snack that isn’t overly filling. 

The bonus with popcorn is that most people can eat it quietly. Save yourself the hassle of having to pause the film and tell someone to quit smacking their lips while they eat. Grab yourself some popcorn beforehand and tip it into a bowl. That way there is no rustling from packet handling either. 

Most shops will provide popcorn already popped and seasoned, but you can get plain microwave popcorn and flavour it yourself. Have you ever tried popcorn drizzled in dark chocolate? Or softened Nutella? Or even softened Biscoff spread? 

Push the boat out. It’s your movie night.

Movie Night Checklist Infographic

Whatever the vibe, make your movie night as satisfying as possible with this food-based movie night checklist. Remember, there is a balance to be had with everything, including treating yourself with delicious food that you love alongside your veggies and gut-loving numnums. For a visual aid, find my custom infographic below. Enjoy, friends!

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