Welcome one and all! It’s wonderful that you’re here.

My name is Laura. I’m a film fanatic and avid baker currently based in England. I started this blog because I was looking to combine my main passions into one project.

Why “Flavour of the Film”?

One of my lifelong interests has always been that of film and television. I have a degree in the subject, having studied American Cinema and American Television since 1950; British Cinema and British Television since 1949, as well as a variety of international cinema. For my final dissertation, I wrote about the rise of South Korean dramas in the West. I have also worked in the industry itself.

I have always loved this form of art and wanted to find a way to celebrate my favourite releases from both the big and small screens. Thus, Flavour of the Film was created.

On this site, you will find free recipes based on a whole plethora of movies and TV shows. There will be something delicious for everyone to make, covering as many genres as possible. As many as my brain can come up with ideas for!

So whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, I hope you find yourself having fun baking up a storm using these recipes and find a new sense of confidence in doing so.

So, roll up those sleeves and get stuck in!

I recently contributed to a University textbook in which I discussed both my experience in the industry and Flavour of the Film. It’s a great book for all Media students, as well as those looking to get into the industry. You can find it here. I do not receive any compensation for the promotion of this book – I’m just thrilled that I’m in it!